Monday, August 2, 2010

Flight to London

Hello Dear Reader,
The rest of our trip was to take place overnight. We had supper on the plane. Back then the trays were attached to the seats and I remember straightening up my seat and the man behind me yelling that I had spilled his drink. Cigar smoking was allowed on international flights so immediately several cigars and many cigarettes were lit and we all felt nauseated. Then we were supposed to sleep the best we could. I don't remember the seating arrangements but I think LeAnn and I were separated from Grandpa (Wes), Grandma (Mary), and Billy.

As usual, Grandpa made the best of a bad situation. It wasn't long until he saw the sun rise. It appeared to come up out of the ocean. What a beautiful sight! He quietly woke us up so we could enjoy the view too. It wasn't long until we landed at Heathrow Airport and made our way to customs. Our plane was late and we felt sure there would be someone there to meet us. But there was no one.
Aunt Genni

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