Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Day in England

Hello Dear Reader,
Due to the differences in time we were all exhausted and went to bed. After resting for a while we woke up and it wasn't long until Brother and Sister Bradley came as promised. Brother Bradley told Grandpa (Wesley) and Grandma (Mary) that he was undecided what assignment he would give them.

Grandpa said, "From the time I had received the call I had had the feeling that I would never build a building while I was in the British Isles. I informed my family that in all probability we would remain in Epsom for a time . . . in a few days this [impression] was confirmed."

After the Bradleys left we all felt starved and went into the kitchen to see what we could find to eat. There was plenty of food but it was a little different than we were used to. For one thing, the milk was in old-fashioned glass bottles. It was not homogenized and the cream was at the top.
Aunt Genni

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