Sunday, August 1, 2010

Touristy Things

Hello Dear Reader,
We arrived at the Idlewild Airport (now Kennedy) about mid-afternoon. Murdock travel had arranged for us to spend some time in NYC and so we took a taxi to the Hotel Taft on 7th Avenue at 50th Street. That evening we walked down to Times Square. Grandpa (Wesley) Carter said, "For a country bumpkin I was pretty brave."

The next day (Friday) we visited the Empire State Building, Broadway, Central Park, Macey's and Gimbel's, China Town, and rode the Statton Island Ferry; pretty educational stuff for a small-town family; we were getting a lot of bang for our buck. But soon we were on our way back to the airport.

We were asked to change flights as our plane was delayed and so had a stop in Boston for a brief time. Within two days, we added Chicago, New York, and Boston to the places we had been.
Aunt Genni

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