Sunday, August 22, 2010

Changing Seasons, Changing Places

Hello Dear Reader,
Spring was beautiful in the British Isles and it was a welcome relief from the cold and fog of winter. Finally, in June of 1962 the rumors became a reality. Grandpa (Wesley) Carter said, ". . . once again our prayers were answered as I found a new home [in Renfrew, Scotland] right next to the mission home." Grandpa, Grandma, and Billy moved into a duplex apartment until the new house was finished. LeAnn and I stayed in England with Church members to finish out the school year.

It was frustrating for Grandma and Billy to be left in a new place without knowing much about the area, the customs, or the people. Grandpa had to go off to work as he had done in England and they felt very much alone.

One of the first things that struck the family was that it never got dark during the summer months. Eventually they got into their new home and the Church bought Grandpa a new car. This was the start of another new adventure and the beginning of more friendships and knowledge.
Aunt Genni

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