Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easter Break

Hello Dear Reader,
At Christmas we had had a three-week break from school so we were surprised that at Easter we had a two-week break--surprised but happy! This provided an opportunity for LeAnn and I to travel with Grandpa (Wesley) Carter as he visited the sites where chapels were under construction. It was a trip never to be forgotten. LeAnn and I began to realize how big and wonderful the Building Program was and we were welcomed with open arms by the building missionaries and supervisors everywhere we went. By this time there were about fifty new chapels being built in the British Isles.

It was amazing to see the beautiful countryside as we traveled the highways and narrow roads. Sometimes we stayed in Pubs but Grandpa had one special hotel in mind when we stayed in the midlands. He told us we would really like it. It was a beautiful place. That evening we unloaded our bags and went out to eat. When we got back our beds were turned down and hot-water bottles had been placed between the linen sheets--it seemed pure luxury to LeAnn and me.

The next morning we arose early and were the only ones eating breakfast in the dining room when Grandpa pointed out a man descending the stairs. It was William Holden who had won an Academy Award for best actor in 1954. We had never seen anyone wearing dark glasses to breakfast before. We knew then that Grandpa had planned a wonderful trip for us and we had stayed in a pretty ritzy place.
Aunt Genni

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