Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Friends in Scotland

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) Carter's first friends in Scotland were Steve and Sylvia McDonald and their son, Ed. Steve was the project supervisor for the new chapel being built at Drumchapel across the Clyde River from Grandpa and Grandma's new house. Were you able to click the link two days ago and see Grandpa and Grandma's house on Google Maps? Their closest new friends lived next door. It was comforting to Grandma to know that Bernard Brockbank, Scottish Mission president, and his family and staff were right there since Grandpa was gone so much. However, Grandpa was often frustrated when he was at home because President Brockbank called him all hours of the night to discuss building problems.

The family lived within the boundaries of the Renfrew Branch which met in an old Orange Lodge. The members of the Church in Scotland were very loving and welcoming and soon the family felt that they had many friends. LeAnn was enrolled in John Neilson School (the same school that Prince Charles went to) in Paisley. She was much happier there than in England and made some wonderful friends.

Billy had a hard time at his school. The kids ganged up on him every day and beat him up because he had dark skin and was a Mormon. But that didn't affect his love for the country of Scotland. He still thinks of it with great fondness.
Aunt Genni

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