Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello Dear Reader,
One of the benefits of being settled in our new surroundings was that now we were free to go sightseeing on weekends. Grandpa (Wes) Carter said, "We saw all the sights we could with our family such as Hampton Court [Palace], Trafalger Square, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben." These were places we visited in London. In his history Grandpa left out London Bridge, the Fire Monument, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Place, Picadilly Circus, the London Planetarium, Madam Taussaud's Wax Museum, and Hyde Park. Sometimes we rode the train on these expeditions but usually Grandpa drove us because we left early on Saturday mornings when there wasn't much traffic and he was becoming experienced dealing with British drivers.

We also went into London on various occasions to live plays and live performances. If we were going in the evening we usually took the train. We saw My Fair Lady, The Music Man starring Van Johnson, and The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. We also attended a performance of the Royal Ballet, Peter Pan on Ice, Every Night at the London Palledium and Macbeth and other plays at the Old Vic. These were all things we did as a family.

We children also experienced school field trips to various historical places in London. I went with my history class to some of the courts of England and a session of the Houses of Parliament where both Winston Churchill and Prime Minister McMillan were in attendance. We were starting to have cultural experiences that we never dreamed of while we were in Provo.
Aunt Genni

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