Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Public Transportation--A Piece of Cake

Hello Dear Reader,
Because we had access to only one car and Grandpa (Wesely) Carter usually had it out of town the rest of us soon learned to use public transportation or we walked. The busses and trains in Great Britain were (and are) incredible. It was a bit of a walk to the train station but, once we were there, it was a piece of cake. We often rode the train into London, usually to Victoria Station, where we then caught the Underground (subway). There were easy to follow maps everywhere and it wasn't long until we could readily get around.

When there was a Stake Conference we took the train and then the Underground to the Hyde Park Chapel. We also went to London for concerts, school field trips, stake dances, live stage plays, and musicals. Grandpa and Grandma started taking us to London every Saturday on sightseeing expeditions.

But the trains didn't go just to London. They became a way for us to travel to other destinations as well. Some of the girls we went to school with rode the train every day and so, to visit them, we rode the train to their homes. The church youth took a trip to Boxing Hill once for a picnic and we rode the train together. It was a fun expedition.
Aunt Genni

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