Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walnut Close

Hello Dear Reader,

We ate breakfast at the Bradley's and were then taken to Walnut Close (a cul de sac), around the corner from the Bradleys. We had seen subdivisions before but nothing like this. All the houses on the right side of the road were exactly alike. The houses on the left were different from those on the right but they were all exactly like each other as well. The only way to tell the houses apart was to observe minor landscaping differences.

As we drove to the close and down the hill Brother Baird pointed out several homes where members of the Church involved in the building missionary program lived. We were all very pleased as we entered number 18. It was immaculate. The furnishings were modern and arranged nicely. The cupboards were stocked with dishes and food. There was also food in the refrigerator. The bedrooms were nice with fresh linens on the beds. Sister Bradley had spent much effort in preparing for us. We were told to make ourselves at home and help ourselves to whatever we wanted and we would be contacted later in the day.
Aunt Genni

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