Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Neighbors

Hello Dear Reader,
The people who lived next door to us on Walnut Close were Brother and Sister Stan Bird along with their daughter Kathy and her friend from California. There were five other LDS families who lived in the neighborhood when we first arrived in England. There were the Bradleys, the Bairds, the Biesingers, the Moores, and the Darleys. All but the Darleys were involved with the Church Building Program. Roy Darley was an assistant tabernacle organist who was on a two-year mission with his family. He gave daily concerts at the Hyde Park Chapel in London.

The Church Building Missionary program was growing so quickly that soon others joined us in Epsom. One family that moved across the street from us was the Hollands--Frank, Alice, and Debbie. It was an interesting situation because when they arrived they had a son serving as a proselyting missionary in Epsom, a Zone Leader by the name of Jeffrey Holland. It didn't take long for Grandma (Mary) Carter to become fast friends with Alice Holland. LeAnn and I also adored her and little Debbie who was the same age as Billy.
Aunt Genni

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