Monday, August 30, 2010

Bishop Again

Hello Dear Reader,
When Grandpa (Wesley) Carter found himself facing three important church authorities he was a little dumbfounded and wondered what he had done wrong. President Tanner smiled at him and invited him to sit down. Then President Tanner, who was president of the European Mission (which was equivalent to what is now called an Area Authority Seventy), told Grandpa that the three of them had prayed about who they should call as bishop of the Paisley Ward which would be formed the following morning when the new Glasgow Stake was to be organized. They felt inspired that Grandpa should be the one.

Grandpa said, "I was flabbergasted . . . [and] said, President I don't even live in the Paisley Ward." President Tanner replied in his sweet, mild manner that they were aware of that but after praying they felt impressed that Grandpa should be the bishop and asked him if he would accept the calling. Grandpa wrote in his history, "Of course I said, 'Yes.'"
Aunt Genni

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