Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello Dear Reader,
After the Christmas holidays, in the winter of 1962 rumors started circulating that because of the increasing size of the building program and the scope of the work load, the British Church Building Area was going to be divided and more missionaries would be brought in. That meant that Grandpa (Wesley) Carter would move into and be the head of another area.

Grandpa and Grandma went to Manchester first and then to Glasgow, Scotland. The purpose of these trips was to check out each area to see which would be the most acceptable. After going to Scotland they decided they would sooner live there--which decision may have been influenced by Grandma's wishes to live where her ancestors, who were converts to the Church in Scotland, had lived.

Meanwhile we all kept on doing whatever we were involved in. Grandma learned to take the train all over the London area in her capacity as Relief Society president. Grandpa kept traveling to the various church building sites. Billy, LeAnn, and I kept trying to adjust to the schools and make the most of our educational opportunities.
Aunt Genni

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