Saturday, July 31, 2010

On Our Way to New York City

Hello Dear Reader,
We arose early Thursday morning. Grandma (Caroline) Hall had prepared a lovely breakfast for us of hot cereal and warm malted milk. But we were all too nervous to eat much and I'm afraid we hurt her feelings. She told Grandma (Mary) Carter that we were her pickiest grandchildren and never liked anything she cooked for us. She had worked hard to help us prepare for travel. I remember she sewed a pocket high up on my slip where $250, that I had saved from my part-time job, could be carried without fear of a pickpocket. I know she was worried we would get hungry on our trip.

I don't remember who took us to the airport but I think it might have been Bishop Olsen who dropped us off on his way to work. Grandpa (Wesley) Carter said, "There were many friends and relatives [at the airport] to bid us farewell."--I don't remember much about our departure. We flew to the Chicago Midway Airport (The O'Hare Airport had not yet been built.) None of us had ever flown before and we all felt a little queasy. It came as quite a shock that we had to change planes and were not flying straight to New York City. Grandpa and Grandma rushed us down the corridor to the gate we had to be at to catch our connecting flight.

The plane's atmosphere was foreign to us. Cigarette smoking was not yet prohibited on domestic flights and the cabin soon filled with second-hand smoke. We were served a meal and many of the people on the plane had alcoholic beverages. Some of the people became boisterous and all of us including Grandma felt out of our element. But the flight from Chicago was fairly short and soon we were in New York City.
Aunt Genni

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