Thursday, July 15, 2010

1957 or 1958?

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wesley) Carter had been ordained a bishop by Spencer W. Kimball on May 4, 1951. According to his history he was released as bishop in March of 1958, "after nearly six years." If you do the math, this doesn't add up and I have searched everywhere I can think of to find a certificate of release--all to no avail. I don't suppose it really matters but I try to be as accurate as possible as I relate Grandpa and Grandma's histories.

Anyway, this was a busy, memorable time for the Carter family. One of the last things Grandpa did as bishop was to give Billy a father's blessing and name for the records of the Church. I just found a list of blessings performed by Wesley Carter and he blessed Billy David Carter March 31, 1957 so I think he must have been released in 1957.

But now I have found the program for the missionary Farewell Testimonial given in honor of Elder Harry Lydiksen and Elder Woodrow Blaine Sneed and it's dated Sunday, Nov. 10, 1957. I think Grandpa called them on their missions so Grandpa must have been released in 1958.

But wait, the remarks given at the end of the meeting were made by Bishop Charles A. Sturgill so Grandpa was definitely released in 1957! I think.
Aunt Genni

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