Monday, July 12, 2010

Adventures at the Duplex

Hello Dear Reader,
After the Sneeds had brought Billy to Provo life resumed its normal course with children returning to school and Grandpa (Wes) working on the construction on the new duplex which was to become a source of income for several years. I don't remember exactly when the construction started but it was still going on the following summer.

Grandma (Mary) went to Relief Society one day (back in the day when it was during the week) and Grandpa took Billy to the duplex with him. When Grandma went to retrieve Billy he was nowhere to be found. Grandpa had become so engrossed in his work he forgot all about his new little son. We (the other children) and all of the neighbors were enlisted to help search for Billy.

The tension was pretty high for what seemed a long time.
Aunt Genni

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