Friday, July 23, 2010

A Call From Salt Lake

Hello Dear Reader,
Shortly after Grandpa (Wesley) Carter made the commitment to build a building in the Provo Stake he was contacted by Wendall Mendenhall's secretary in Salt Lake City. Brother Mendenhall was head of the Church Building Department. His secretary asked if Grandpa and Grandma would come to Salt Lake to visit with Mendenhall. Of course they consented.

When they arrived at the Building Division offices at 150 North Main Street, Grandpa and Grandma were invited into Brother Mendenhall's office. Grandpa said, "I [don't know] how I knew but for some reason it came as no surprise to us [when we were] asked if we would consider going on a building mission to the British Isles for the Church. Brother Mendenhall was surprised that Grandpa and Grandma accepted so quickly and that their family would go anywhere they were asked to go.
Aunt Genni

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