Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adventures at the Carter Dorm

Hello Dear Reader,
Woody and Johnson Lee started feeling comfortable with the Carter family but our food was different than they were used to and I know they considered me, for one, a pest. Meanwhile, another young man returned to our ward from his mission. His name was Ralph Burk. His mother was a widow and had moved to Arizona where the laws governing teaching credentials were not as strict as the newly passed Utah laws. Ralph had no place to live so he also moved in with us. Ralph worked for Grandpa during the summer months and attended Utah State University fall and winter semesters. He regularly stayed with us on weekends as well.

Generally everyone got along very well. The one exception that I recall had to do with school rivalry. I can't remember what kind of game was to be played between BYU and Utah State but Ralph and his friends from USU stole the Victory Bell from BYU. It was mounted on a trailer which they pulled into our garage. Grandma (Mary) was horrified much to everyone's amusement. Woody and Johnson Lee were at a loss as to what to do. You can read about the Victory Bell here. Until today, when I looked this up, I always thought Ralph and his friends had returned the bell to campus. Gullible me.
Aunt Genni


Darcy said...

O my goodness that is crazy!

Genni Hall O'Gee said...

I love that you read my blog, Darcy. I always appreciate your comments.