Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keeping On Keeping On

Hello Dear Reader,
As the construction of the Edgemont Ward building was in its final stages Grandpa (Wesley) Carter was contacted by Ora Hatch once more. President Hatch asked Grandpa if he would consider building a new LDS building in his stake. Grandpa told him that as soon as he was finished with the Oak Hills building in the East Sharon Stake he would be most happy to take on the construction of a building in the Provo Stake. It seems that Grandpa had built his reputation as a good building contractor and some of the stake presidents in Provo were impressed with his ability.

Grandpa seemed happy in his work but construction work is hard physically and I know he was worried about the future when his physical abilities would become diminished. But in the meantime he just kept on keeping on.
Aunt Genni

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