Thursday, July 8, 2010

Into the Hospital and Home Again

Hello Dear Reader,
That fall Grandma (Mary) Carter went into the hospital to have the varicose veins removed from one of her legs. As I remember she was there for a few days. On returning home she said, "I wouldn't [have minded] going to the hospital if I could [have come] home with a baby.

The phone was ringing as Grandpa and Grandma entered the house. Grandma took the call. Grandpa recalled, "It was the Welfare [Department] in Provo asking us if we were still interested in the little Indian boy." Grandma answered, "Oh no, they've turned us down and have given us all these reasons why we can't adopt him." The woman at the other end of the line said, "They have moved his case to a new county and right away [the officials in the new county] wanted to know why the boy had not been adopted by you."

Grandma didn't bring a baby home from the hospital but the news of one was awaiting her.
Aunt Genni

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