Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grandma's Rewarding Life

Hello Dear Reader,
While Grandpa (Wes) Carter was involved in many things, Grandma (Mary) was also involved in rewarding activities. She served as Judge of Elections for several years and we actually had voting booths in our living room on at least two occasions. She was also very active in church callings (she loved serving as Junior Sunday School Coordinator) and Relief Society homemaking meetings. She planted flowers every spring and canned fruit every summer. She spent a lot of time with Grandma (Caroline) Hall just visiting, helping her quilt, or doing things for her. She got Billy enrolled at BYU Nursery School and ran back and forth taking and retrieving him, worked in the PTA, was involved in her other children's activities, and always found time to visit with and do the hair of the elderly women who came to see her. She seemed to find odd jobs such as delivering phone books to bring in extra money and give her children something to do. She was a charter member of Camp Blue Spruce of Daughters of Utah Pioneers and was actively involved in that organization.

I thought my mother was beautiful and I was very proud when her picture appeared in the newspaper showing off some baked goods she had prepared for the holidays. She had a hearty, contagious laugh that she inherited from the Hall side of the family. She led a busy, productive life.
Aunt Genni

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