Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Final Preparations

Hello Dear Reader,
Our busy schedule didn't slow down the week before departure. Arrangements had been made for Grandpa (Wesley) and Grandma (Mary) Carter to be set apart as building missionaries so we went back to Salt Lake for that event. Billy, LeAnn, and I were there when Spencer W. Kimball set them apart.

On the way back to Provo that evening we were involved in a car accident. We were going through an intersection betweeen Murray and Midvale (remember there was no freeway at that time) when a car that was stopped on the other side of the light waiting to make a left turn was rammed by a woman who was distracted by one of her children. Grandpa yelled, "Watch out, we're going to crash and turned the wheel trying to avoid the ensuing collision. We were t-boned and Grandma immediately began to cry. Grandpa said, "Oh, shut up!" That broke the tension and we all laughed. Then we examined ourselves to see if everyone was all right. Grandpa had some broken fingers and, I think, a slight concussion but that seemed to be the extent of our injuries.

Our first reaction was to get out of the car but Grandpa was wearing a new suit which was pinned in the door so he told us to stay in the car until the police came. Then we worried about how we would get home as the car wouldn't start. But Grandpa said Bishop Olsen, his former counselor would be traveling back to Provo after work and would see us so not to worry about getting home.

The police came and were able to remove the car door without tearing Grandpa's suit and, sure enough, soon Bishop Olsen drove by with whoever he carpooled with, saw us, and stopped to get some of us home. Our car was demolished but the insurance paid the same amount (I think it was $500) Grandpa and Grandma were going to sell it for. So this was just a small blip in our final preparations.
Aunt Genni

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