Sunday, July 18, 2010

Building a Life

Hello Dear Reader,
While Grandpa (Wesley) Carter was in the process of building the subdivision for Bushnell Reallity at 500 North 1055 West he was contacted by Ora Hatch, stake president over construction of the new Provo Regional Welfare Cannery, and Fred Marhman, the architect. They asked him to submit a general contractor's bid for construction of that building. He began building the cannery in the summer of 1959. I don't remember exactly where it was but it was in the southeast section of Provo.

Shortly after starting the cannery Grandpa was contacted by Ben Lewis, stake president of Sharon East Stake, who asked him to build the new Edgemont 2nd and 3rd ward chapel. He started construction on that building the same summer. I don't remember exactly where it was but it was in the northeast section of Provo (up towards Provo Canyon). So Grandpa had two major building projects going on at once.

That fall he was called to serve on the high council of the West Utah Stake in Provo. It seems that from then on building churches and the Church were to be his lot in life.
Aunt Genni

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