Monday, July 19, 2010

Death in the Family

Hello Dear Reader,
On September 11, 1959, while Grandpa (Wesley) Carter was working on the Edgemont building he received a telephone call from Grandma (Mary). She had called to tell him that his mother had passed away. Grandma (Annie Blake) Carter had been in the Lehi hospital for several days after suffering a heart attack. She had been ill for some time so the family were not too surprized but Grandpa said, ". . . when death comes to people you love dearly it is never easy."

Grandpa had loved his mother dearly. When he wrote his history he reflected upon the great influence she had been in his life and how she supported him in everything that was good and righteousl He said, "So to a great lady I have nothing but great love and affection for her and for my pleasant memories of her in influencing my life." He was grateful that she had been able to stay with us occasionally during the last few years of her life.
I'm thankful for that blessing as well. Grandma taught me many things and was always patient and kind to me. I was in the 9th grade when she died and the funeral procession went right by Dixon Junior High where I was enrolled. The next day my art teacher commented on the huge funeral procession that had passed the school--it was huge. Grandma had many people who loved her.
Aunt Genni

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