Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grandpa's Work

Hello Dear Reader,
After Grandpa (Wes) Carter had dissolved his partnership with Ray Taylor he went into business for himself. Early in the spring of 1957 he worked for Sister Lothfield Newren remodeling her house. For pay Sister Newren gave Grandpa a building lot located at 605 North 750 West. This was a newly-created road that went through from 5th North to 8th North.

Grandpa was an industrious entrepreneur who scrambled to make a living for his family. So he started to build a duplex on the lot he had received for payment. It was nice to have him working so close to home. We children often went over to see how things were progressing and sometimes we were required to lend a hand. Grandpa said, "We started to build a duplex." When he said "we" I think he included, Kent, Ralph Burk, Grandma, Carol, me, and LeAnn. I just remember we seemed to spend a lot of time there.
Aunt Genni

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