Monday, July 5, 2010

More College Boys

Hello Dear Reader,
Besides the college boys living with our family Grandma (Caroline Ferguson) Hall boarded boys in her home. Our street became pretty popular among girls that age. One young man who lived with Grandma Hall was Harry Lydiksen. The story of his arrival in Utah amazed me because he didn't belong to the Church and arrived just in time to register for BYU.

All of these young men became very dear to us and we considered them members of our family. One of my fondest memories was getting to stay up on Sunday nights until all of the young adults gathered in our living room for gospel discussions. Harry ended up joining the Church. He, Woody, Ralph, and others served missions. Although Johnson Lee never joined the Church he returned to BYU with his wife and child and graduated. I loved the gospel even then and I loved knowing it was being taught in our home.
Aunt Genni

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Anne said...

I love this picture! It seems to really capture everyone's personality. I can't decide if you look more like me or like Hannah.