Friday, August 13, 2010

Settling In

Hello Dear Reader,
After we had been in England about a week it was time for Grandma (Mary) Carter to get us children in school. LeAnn and I went with Grandma and Sister Bradley to Rosebery County Grammar School for Girls (Grammar School = High School in the U.S.) where we spoke with the head mistress and she kindly let us enroll. The assistant head mistress was something else--she was very mean spirited and seemed to hate all girls, let alone American Mormon girls. Margaret and Janice Darley were already attending that school.

Then, around the same time, Grandma took Billy to enroll in The Church of England Infant School (grade school). School was harder for Grandma than it was for Billy. In England children start to school and are immediately reading when they are four-years old. Billy was nearly six when he was enrolled and hadn't yet learned to read. The mistresses couldn't be bothered with him and so it was up to Grandma to teach him to read. School in England was an adjustment for the whole family. Here are pictures of LeAnn in her school uniform and the Church of England where Billy went to school.
Aunt Genni

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Darcy said...

I remember mom showing me that uniform when I was a kid. Too bad she still doesn't have it.